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- From musings on personal taste to style reports around the globe.
K. Hanssen, F. Nitzsche, E. Tozzi: 2010, d’jonge Hond (print edition).
ISBN-13: 978-9089101525 - NUR 452
With photography by Krista van der Niet


The spring of 2010 saw the release of ‘FASHION BLOGS – From Musings on Personal Taste to Style Reports around the Globe’, created by journalist Kirstin Hanssen and graphic designer Felicia Nitzsche, along with co-writer Elina Tozzi. ‘FASHION BLOGS’, the first book to document the rapidly rising phenomenon of fashion blogging, featuring interviews with 34 of the new global tastemakers, was an instant international hit. Selling out everywhere within a matter of months, the book soon became a collector’s item. 
Now, the book is available again as a digital release, including all of the original interviews with true icons of fashion blogging. Featured are Garance Doré, Susie Bubble, Diane Pernet, The Cobra Snake, katelovesme, Glamcanyon, Moderniteter and many more!
In addition, the carefully curated 600+ URL list, containing only the finest of fashion blogs in seven different categories, was completely revised exclusively for this re-release.

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About the original publication:
Fashion blogs are crucial sources of news and inspiration for everyone who wants to stay up-to-date on fashion.
The phenomenon of fashion blogging raises many questions, journalist Kirstin Hanssen and graphic designer Felicia Nitzsche investigated these questions, together with co-writer Elina Tozzi, and decided to capture fashion blogs as an intriguing piece of zeitgeist in a book. The main content of the book is divided into five categories: fashion journalism, street style photography, party photography, personal style blogs, and men’s style.
With photography by Krista van der Niet.

Today approx. 1.7 billion people use the Internet. Online revolution is celebrating its triumph and the increasing number of blogs and communities is part of this. After spending a fortune on printed media throughout the last decade, journalist Kirstin Hanssen and graphic designer Felicia Nitzsche developed a new addiction in these past few years: fashion blogs.
Both fascinated by this growing phenomenon, constantly following a wide variety of fashion blogs, they decided to capture this intriguing piece of Zeitgeist in a book, with support and contributions by co-writer Elina Tozzi.

They wondered: who are these new opinion leaders? What moves fashion bloggers to spend so much time on running a web log? Who or what are their news resources? Can we speak of them as professional amateurs? Do they earn a living with blogging? What is the scope of their number of visitors? Has blogging changed their life? How do they deal with negative comments? How do they view the future of printed media?

The book contains around 40 interviews with both fashion blogging pioneers and upcoming talent; divided into five different categories, from fashion journalism to street style. In addition, ‘FASHION BLOGS offers an extensive index with over 600 URLs of the most interesting, beautiful, hilarious, informative, and original fashion blogs. Furthermore, five industry insiders were asked to write an introduction to one of the categories, and also to provide their personal opinion on fashion blogs in general.

Blogs that are featured in the book, by means of an interview supported by photos, are: Style Bubble, Garance Doré, A Shaded View On Fashion, Glamcanyon, Stil in Berlin, July Stars, Abdul Lagerfield, Street Etiquette, Les Mads, The Streethearts, Pretend It Never Happened, Moderniteter, Kate Loves Me, The Dandy Project, Sea of Shoes, Pandora, Elinkan, and many more.
Every era has its start. In ‘FASHION BLOGS’ you will find the result of what is currently happening in the fashion blog world, meaning: a couple of years after the kick-off, but only a few hits before the big bang. 


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